Classic joint of the day. Showbiz & AG - "Next Level. remix".

This version was produced by Pete Rock. dope track by one of the dopest duo's from Hip Hop's golden era. ENJOY!!.

Real Recognize Real!!

While on his trip to Norway The true legend COPE2 gave a shout out to some of his Killah Dogs.
you can peep more of COPE'S latest burners, updates on his upcoming shows & world travels on his blog on pz!

Rest In Beats DJ AM!

Thank you for your contribution & dedication to your craft. rock on forever DJ AM!!!


Happy Birthday MJ! you're missed but will never be forgotten.

Here's the classic joint of the day from the king of pop. "Human Nature". ENJOY!!.

Classic Joint Of The Day. Diamond D-"What u Heard".

This joint's off the "Stunts, Blunts & Hip Hop" Album. Classic Hip Hop album. ENJOY!!

Wall Clock By JAES-COD.

Check out these wall clocks my boy JAES did for Flud Watches. They're available in Black & White. you can purchase these online at THE GIANT PEACH.

Classic Joint Of The Day. Da Bush Babees "Remember We"

This joint here takes me back. they dont make them like this anymore. ENJOY!!

Kenny Muhammad "The Human Orchestra"

Check out my Skill Methodz crew mate Kenny Muhammad. in my opinion one of the best beat boxers in the world. ENJOY!!

"THE GO OFF" August 15th.

Here's a few flikz from "THE GO OFF" on August 15th. Skeme Richards, Unkle Chip & Sickroc killed it as usual. if you haven't been to one yet, make sure you come out to the next one on Sept. 12th. "THE GO OFF", Every 2nd saturday at IDENTITY Bar. 511 E. 6th St. Btwn Ave A&B.

Classic joint Of The Day. Grand Puba- "I like It"

Mega ultra dope flava. ENJOY!!

Bronx Burning

My boy Jee invited me to rock this wall yesterday in the Bronx. it was nuclear hot out, but we still had a dope time rockin this wall. Enjoy!!

Classic joint Of The Day. Da Youngstas-"Pass The Mic"

Some classic Hip Hop flava. & to think these were just kids. they rhyme better than most rappers on the radio these days.. ENJOY!!.

The Future Is Safe!!

Check out Jalen aka J-Styles & Lil Demon. this is their 1st exhibition battle against each other last year at Freestylesession. this year they will go head to head again at Fresstylesession 12 for a rematch. you can catch these two Bboy proteges next year in the feature film "Step Up 3" due out in August 2010.


Here's a clip of the newest member of the SKILLMETHODZ familia. FRANTIK. Enjoy!!