Some clips for the homie Bradley!.

Sup bradley here's a few clips of me i've put together including the trailer for my upcoming solo DVD "REVELATIONS'. Hope you like them..pz.

Custom Canvases "Chavie & Kevin".

So my homies from the cast on one of the ships i perform at comissioned me to do some custom canvases for them. Here are some progress shots up to the final product. Stay tuned, more canvas work to come!! pz..


Tic & Tac "Nephews of the 70's Gangster Nicky Barnes, played by Cuba Gooding Jr in American Gangster" are in my opinion 2 of the best street performers in the entire world. Their ability to combine comedy & Breakin in their show is flawless. with countless amounts of improv jokes during the show completely makes it a different experience every time. You trully never know what you're in for when you get to watch these stars perform. I'm extremely honored to have learned from them & be a part of the world famous "Tic & Tac All Stars". They definitely helped me develop my skills on the mic & helped me sharpen my stage presence. Street perfroming is an art of it's own with an absolute science behind it's methods. Always honor & respect those who paved the way for you to be able to do what you do, It's part of your testimony. Pz..


These are 2 separate trailers for ABSTRAK'S solo DVD "ABSTUMENTAL" one featuring ABSTRAK the other featuring the entire SKILLMETHODZ. DVD is available for purcase now at &, Support the real!!. pz..

Classic joint of the day. James Brown - Blind Man Can See It.

R.I.P James Brown. The 1st BBOY. Thank you for the music & the inspiration. Gone but never forgotten.