When i 1st moved to NYC from Tampa,FL in 1999 in pursue of knowledge & the dream of working as a dancer i sometimes had to dance in the street to make ends meet with some of the local street hitting crews such as United Street Artists "USA", The breeze Team, The Transformers with Zone TDK, Tic & Tac All Stars in Washington Square Park & also with Wayne Blizz "The Executioners/NYC Float Committee", an original Bboy from the 70's. while i performed with Wayne i had the blessing to learn some of these original 70's style shuffles. no 6 step, 5 step, 4 step, etc. these are straight up shuffles, the original format!. last year Pop Master Fabel "RSC/ZULU KINGZ" caught up with Wayne & his old nemesis from back in the days, legendary Bboy Zip to have them share their view & let the world know whats really real about this Rock dance of ours. watch carefully, take notes & by all means learn as much as you can from these warriors, this is the original format. much love, power & blessings to all the OG's for their contribution, Thank you all. ENJOY!!!..


While i was in Helsinki i had the opportunity to rock with my boy Amjad "Ryos" from the 7$ Crew & with my homie Sign "Flo Mo, 156, TDS, IBM". this spot faces the Helsinki downtown area & its right on the ocean, the vibe was fresh the whole time, trully a great time while we rocked this joint. ENJOY!!!


Photo credits.
Lamine, Teknyc & Skeme Richards.
For more pics from "THE GO OFF" Finland by Lamine click Here.


Last weekend in Helsinki at the UK CHAMPS Finland qualifiers i had a dope exchange with Bboy Lamine from France. the back & forth session was at the end of the jam when Flo Mo & Ghost Crew were having their cypha battle. myself & Lamine kept to ourselves & said no words to each other, we were just simply exchanging rounds, after a short while a young Bboy came into our session & started to go full out competition style in his solos. Lamine & myself were just flowing through movements, different angles & dimensions not really going all out, we were both having the same conversation. after we left the event i told Lamine "That kid just jumped into our conversation wothout knowing what the topic was about" i was reffering to our back & forth session, Lamine said to me that was a great way of looking at it, i further explained to him that what we do is another form of communication, Music & Dance that is. the next day Lamine told me i had inspired him with what i said to him & it inspired him to make a short film tittled "CONVERSATION" based on the discussion we had the day before. here's the short film Lamine filmed & produced. Enjoy!!!!

Conversation from Lamine on Vimeo.

"SKILLMETHODZ" Interview on

This is an interview with Abstrak, Venum, Cloud, Moshe & Luigi done by "" after they won "UNITED STYLES 6". the clip comes with some dope hightlights from their battles at the event. ENJOY!!!!


Here's a clip of "Bboy Masters Pro-Am" in 1997, Miami,Fl. check me out "2nd guy to go out" I wasnt even breakin for a year yet, LOL. you'll also see Flipz, Abstrak, Bebe, House, Remind, PeeWee, Lego & the last guy to go out "Mugsy" was the Bboy that gave me my name "Teknyc". ENJOY!!!!!


After a long time of planning & promoting "THE GO OFF" UK EDITION we finally reached our big day in London last Friday August 13th with extreme success. the party was off the hook, THE ARC BAR was packed with peeps who came simply to have a good time & go off. Dj's Rygar & Zulu kept the crowd hype all night as they rocked everything from Classic Hip Hop, R&B, Classic Soul, House, Dancehall, Breaks & much more!!. I got to see some old friends & met a lot of new ones too, all whom i look forward to seeing again soon. i guarantee ya this will not be the last time "THE GO OFF" comes to London, we will be back sooner than you think!! Thank you all for coming thru & making "THE GO OFF" the great party it turned out to be. Much love always!!!

"Photos by Rome, Dj Zulu & Ben Swift."


This past Saturday & Sunday in Boston the Legendary Floor Lords crew held their 6th anual jam "UNITED STYLES" Jam, a 5 on 5 crew battle for a grand prize of 50,000 Thousand koala$. My crew SKILLMETHODZ entered the jam with only 4 members "Abstrak, Venum, Cloud & Luigi". after making it though the 1st the day on the preliminary round they then went on to the finals on sunday in a 3 way face off vs 2 crews "THE SQUADRON' & "WAR MACHINE", which are both made up of members from various crews who are really close to one another & come together as a super team in certain competitions, this being one of them. SKILLMETHODZ won the whole event with 1 man down & was the only actual real crew in the finals. Congrats to my brothers on this epic achievement, one that will not be forgotten for a long time. ENJOY!!!
This same scenario was also achived by SKILLMETHODZ last year in Taiwan when Flea Rock & Luigi entered a 3 on 3 battle & won the whole event. i think it's time to put things in perspective. Zoooooooooommmmm.....

united styles 6 final skmz vs squadron vs War Machine from Gabriel bryant on Vimeo.

FLEA ROCK & LUIGI in Taiwan.


As promised previously here are some more flicks of the countries i've recently been to on my Europe tour. these were taken in Moscow & Vigo "Spain". ENJOY!!!.
"Welcome to Moscow Teknyc", NO DOUBT!!!

The homies ALL THE MOST crew took me to a real Russian bath house. the crew gets together once or twice a week & rents the space exclusive to them, available is a living room, radio, pool table, pool & sauna. the crew chills & bonds togther, mad fun & healthy living. Props!!!!

Below are the Flicks from Vigo, Spain.


This record came into the Bboy scene a few years ago & has been looped & sampled in a couple of ways for Bboys/Bgirls to get down to. the record still nasty to get busy on the Salsa tip. here's both a live performance clip & the digital mastered version of the record for better listening pleasure, ENJOY!!!.


On august 21st we continue our journey with "THE GO OFF", This time we hit up Helsinki, Finland for a super dope weekend of straight up sick functions back to back.

1st on August 18,19 & 20 Myself & ALIEN NESS take residency at Helsinki's top dance studio "SAIFFA" to teach our workshops. SAIFFA is owned by none other than BBOY FOCUS of the incredible FLO MO CREW.
TEKNYC: Foundational Methodz.
ALIEN NESS: The Blue Print Workshop.
in the workshops we share with our fellow BBOYS/BGIRLS our philosophy & breakdown movement in a manner that can extend a dancers vocabulary in this dance.

2ndon August 20th we have "CIRCLE PRINZ" this is the regional qualifier to one of the dopest jams in the globe "CIRCLE KINGZ". it's a 2 on 2 BBOY/BGIRL battle with the rawest vibe you can ever get at a BBOY/BGIRL Function.

3rd on August 21st we have "UK BBOY CHAMPS" Finish qualifiers. it's one of the longest running crew battles where the best crews from around the world come together 1ce a year to face off at the UK's legendary Brixton Academy. this year celebrates their 15th Anniversary.

then finally we finish the weekend with "THE GO OFF". Dj's SKEME RICHARDS & ANONYMOUS are on deck rockin' the best in Classic Hip Hop, Funk & Soul. all together makes a recipe for a legendary weekend. stay tuned, there's much more to come. Zooooooommmm....