Sup everyone! if by some chance you have ended up here you have landed in my old home, LOL. i moved my blog to a different server. the content will still be the same, travels, experiences, music, dance, paint, life as i know it & live it on a daily basis. go to WWW.TEKNYCMETHODZ.COM to continue to check up on the latest adventures. much blessings always.

New "SKILLMETHODZ" Merchandise.

Sup Family! on December 4th at "OUTBREAK" in Orlando,FL we will release our new T-Shirt designed by EWOKONE SKILLMETHODZ "SKMZ Long Journey".
There are only 50 T-Shirts on each color way. "100 Total"
you can order yours now using PAYPAL. the email is THE.GO.OFF.NYC@GMAIL.COM
T-shirts are $25.00 + Shipping cost.
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To the east my brotha, to the east!!!

Next week i'll be heading out to MIGHTY 4: ABU DHABI CITY along with Paulskee, El NiƱo, Nasty Ray, East 3 & Cros 1. This will be my first visit to the middle east, one trip i'm definitely looking forward to. the saga continues. stay tuned for more ultimate adventures. Peace!!!

"THE CHILL OUT" Saturday Nov.13th.

NYC, we're back at cha with NYC'S freshest party "THE CHILL OUT" with CRAZY LEGS & PHILLEE BLUNT rocking everything fresh from Nostalgic to Newstalgic. See ya there!!!

Saturday November 13th.
171 East Broadway
(Off Rutgers St.)
10PM Till 4AM.
No Cover, No Dress Code, 21+.
Hosted by
Teknyc & Mr. Voodoo Ray

F to East Broadway.

Let's restore balance to the force!

The good people at The Bboy Spot have kindly created an award that will be presented to the Bboy of the year this year. I checked out the the post & to my surprise most of the votes that have been casted are to peeps who nowhere meet most of the criteria "No offense ya!", it seems like people just scheme trhu the topic & skip the criteria in which the award is based on. be part of the solution & not the problem, take your time out to thoroughly read the criteria & cast your vote HERE!. your voice is important!!!!
Power & Respect to all.
BTW, my vote goes out to FOCUS & Myself for completely fulfiling the criteria.
ful·fill also ful·fil (fl-fl)
tr.v. ful·filled, ful·fill·ing, ful·fills also ful·fils
1. To bring into actuality; effect: fulfilled their promises.
2. To carry out (an order, for example).
3. To measure up to; satisfy. See Synonyms at perform, satisfy.
4. To bring to an end; complete.

Did they put their skills on the line for the 2010 calendar year?
how many battles were competed & won? Cypher battles count as much as competition battles.

Did they teach workshops, judge events or organize events for Bboys/Bgirls to attend?
Online involvement through forums or blogs. The "Each one, Teach one" mentality is a very important aspect of growth in our culture.

Are they professional? Are they known to be a pleasure to work with?
What kind of name do they have among promoters & fellow Bboys?

SKMZ interview on Strife.Tv during our 15th Anniv.|Part 1.

Big shout to Strife.Tv for coming thru to our anniversary & taking the time out to to do these interviews. Enjoy!!!


VENUM METHODZ & FLEA ROCK METHODZ won the Circle Kingz Finals vs Flo Mo in Lausanne, Switzerland. Congrats my brothas!!! SKILLMETHODZ, SAY NO MORE!!!!! Zoooooooooooooooommmmmmm

Ralph Bakshi.

When it comes to cartoonist who inspired characters in the Graffiti movement the first name that comes to mind is Vaughn Bode & rightfully so, his work was simply fresh & funky to keep it simple. another highly inspirational artist is Mr Ralph Bakshi. most people know his name from films such as "COOL WORLD" starting Brad Pitt & Kim Basinger & "THE LORD OF THE RINGS" animated film. another well known film of his is "WIZARDS", definitely one of my favorite animated films. check out the trailer below as well as some of Mr Bakshi's work, i've also posted a pic of a piece i did a few years ago inspired by his work. Enjoy!!!


My brother Moshe just re designed my workshop flyer using one of Maurice Van Der Meijs pictures. if interested in having me do my workshop in your city contact me at THE.GO.OFF.NYC@GMAIL.COM
Thanks for the support, Peace!!!!





SKMZ Merchandise.

The SKILL METHODZ 15 year Anniversary & "THE GO OFF" T-shirt "Designed by EWOK" are now available to purchase using Paypal. the cost is $20.00 US + Shipping & Handling "$5.00. Total $25.00 US, Please Note: INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING COST MAY VARY!!" The email to purchase the items on Paypal is THE.GO.OFF.NYC@GMAIL.COM
The T-shirts are available in S, M, L, XL, XXL & XXXL. "Mens sizes only!"
Thanks for the support. Peace!!

SKILLMETHODZ: SirQix 5 Winners.

Last month Abstrak, Venum & me were in Tampa,Fl visiting our families. that same weekend Mouse of Enigma Dance Crew was having his fifth annual event "SIRQUIX 5", the event has grown in the past 5 years & is now Tampa/St Pete's main event. we decided to go show support & enter the jam, it had been a while since we danced in our home town, it definitely felt good to go back & rep in the city SKILLMETHODZ was established. check out the battles from the event. Enjoy!!!!

Thrashing In L.A.

While in L.A last month Luigi, Kid David, Stash, Luke, Lady One, Danny G & yours truly decided to go ride one late night. we probably skated for about 4 hours that night. we started at a parking garage near Danny G & Beastmode's place, then ended up in some hills in the north Hollywood area. super ultimate adventure to say the least. here's a clip from that night. Zooooooooommmmmm..

Life Imitating Art.

Here's some insight on what goes in my head sometimes & where i find inspiration from. when i did the photo shoot with Maurice in Holland i wanted to somehow incorporate the inspiration i get from Graff. i figured i'd mimic a pose from one of my favorite mugsy sketches. the sketch was done by WEST "IBM,FC,TC5". the image is from the book Mascots & Mugs "The characters & cartoons of subway graffiti" by David Villorente & Todd James.

Maurice Meijs Photography.

I met Maurice Van Der Meijs a few months back when i went to Rotterdam to judge the "World Bboy Classic" event. Maurice asked me if i had a few minutes to take some shots, i definitely took advatage of the opportunity, i mean after all Photography is an incredible art form & to be asked to be photographed is an honor in my opinion. the end result was the picture i currently use for my blog. his patience & drive to get that right shot pays off in the end result of all his work. When i saw him again at this year's IBE event i knew i had to take some time out to get more shots done, Maurice didn't hesitate he grabbed his equipment, Luigi & i followed & below are a few shots from that session in Holland. Make sure to check out Maurice's site from time to time. Enjoy!!!

SKILLMETHODZ: Bboy Summit 2010.

Last month we went to Bboy Summit in L.A for the event's 15 year anniversary. Barmak rolled with us to the event & flimed us catching wreck throughout the night. check out the clip he put together. Filmed & edited by Barmak. Enjoy!!!

Skill Methodz : B-Boy Summit 2010 from The Scifen Company on Vimeo.

Vintage Textiles.

While i was in Nagoya, Japan i came across this shop "GREAT VINTAGE", the amount of sick items in this shop is unreal, from denim to leather to fly kicks & much much more. don't sleep on these second hand stores, they have vast amounts of quality pieces, the hunt for fresh textiles make it all worth while & truly worthy of an ultimate adventure.

A Day At The SCIFEN Office.

Last month during my visit in L.A i stopped by the SCIFEN office to kick it with the homie Barmak, he owns & designs the entire line. below are a just a few shots of the SCIFEN one man operation. If you like the threads & would like to own one of these fresh pieces you can buy them at support your own. Peace!

Nagoya, Japan.

This past weekend we were invited to take part in Nagoya's annual Bboy Battle "Hip Hop Dynamte". Abstrak, Flipz, Flea Rock, Moshe & myself went to rep the crew in the 5 on 5 battle. We lost to All Area Crew in a 2 to 3 vote from the judges. no big deal, you win some, you loose some, on to the next one. our visit in Japan was probably one of the best times we've had abroad. we were able to catch Halloween in Nagoya & make it back in time to NYC for Halloween here, now thats jet setting to the next level, LOL. here go some pics of our time there, stay tuned for more ultimate adventures. Zooooooooooommmm!!!


Lil Demon & Milky did an exhibition battle during "Bboy City: Hawaii". Milky felt he didn't do his best the first day so he asked for a second exhibition battle the next day, here are both clips. Enjoy!!!

VENUM & LUIGI Rock Japan.

In 2006 Venum & Luigi battled in Osaka, Japan. this is only the tie breaker round vs Mortal Kombat crew from Japan. one of the judges was full a sleep during this battle, LOL. they lost this battle based on the judges decision. at the end of the day, win, loose or draw it really doesn't matter, what matters is that we are still active & relevant in this dance. Enjoy!!!


Bboy Nox made this compilation clip of Flea Rock from some of his recent battles. Flea is definitely one of the illest to have ever done it & still rockin' correct today. check out this clip from one of the most influential Bboys this dance has ever witnessed. Enjoy!!!


A few years back "2008" during Freestyle session Venum, Flipz & myself had a dope exchange with MZK "Casper, Smurf & Julez. This clip is raw, gritty & grimey, but the to me the best gem you can gain from this is the cypher etiquette & mutual respect both sides display even in this heated cypher battle. just shows that you can have a heated exchange without having to disrespect the other side. power & respect to all. Enjoy!!

Words from Venum Methodz

Recently "Raquel, Tracy & Tony" got together with Venum to discuss the balance of being active in the scene while still being able to work in the industry as an entertainer. Venum shares not only his experience but also some universal advice for Bgirls & Bboys who may wish to pursue in the same steps. take minute to read the article & get some feedback from one of the illest Bboys to have ever done it & still rockin strong. pz..

Here's a super funny clip of our photoshoot for, Enjoy!!!