New Custom Canvas "LEE"

My Friend Colette asked me to make a custom canvas for her brother "LEE" for his upcoming birthday. This is the final product. Happy Birthday LEE, Hope you like your canvas. Enjoy!!!!

SKEME RICHARDS Mighty 4 Exclusive Mix.

Aight, so my fellow KD crew mate SKEME RICHARDS made this mix for the homey Paulskee of Mighty 4. i check in to SKEME's Blog from time to time to see what his latest ultimate adventures are. so im at the airport in Miami when i click on the link, the mix starts & not even 2 minutes into it im goin nutz. This mix is def one for the books & if you're a true friend of mines you're gonna have to download it & let it be part of your playlist, LOL. Big ups to my brotha SKEME RICHARDS on another bangin mix.


NYC we're back at it this Saturday, bringing you "THE GO OFF" once again. Strictly the classics all night with Dj's Sickroc & Unke Chip rockin the funky flavas all night. Come thru join us & get ready to GO OFF!!!

R.I.P BIGGIE!! You're Still The Illest!!!

You're greatly missed but will never be forgotten. Rest In Paradise BIGGIE!!!