Sup ya! those of you that have been to "THE GO OFF" in NYC before know the type of party we have. we rock everything from Classic Hip Hop, Funk & Soul. our resident DJ's put togther a 30 minute mix completely free for all of ya to download. if you havent been to "THE GO OFF" before, listen to the mix & get a sense of how we get down at our party. Stay tuned "THE GO OFF" will be coming to a city near you soon..
Power & Respect To All.

King Of Hawaii.

Check out my my little brother Anjelo AKA "LIL DEMON". this was a competition in Hawaii called "KING OF HAWAII" 32 Bboys/Bgirls entered & LIL DEMON won the whole thing. he's an absolute inspiration. you can also see LIL DEMON rockin on the silver screen in the upcoming movie "STEP UP 3D" due out in theaters on August 6th. Keep on rockin LIL DEMON!!!!

"I really need to separate myself from myself"

Check out this interview Jeff Staple did with the living legend FUTURA. There's a lot of words being said by FUTURA that transcend artistic genres & the feeling artists feel as they grow in their immediate craft & how they grow into other things that also express the message they were always trying to convey in that 1st craft they initially excelled at. when i watched this clip i immediately felt connected to what FUTURA is saying because of the transition i've made between Breakin to Graff & Club promotions. the theme of the parties i throw, how i've grown as a writer thus far & how i still express my point of view on Hip Hop culture & art as a whole thru these silent art forms that can sometimes yell out more than a crowd of protestors with bullhorns in front of the state capitol. ultimately we should never cease to be who we truly are or loose ourselves in these altered egos or personas we take on. those characters are an enhanced version of who we are, not a separate entity. Thnx to FUTURA & Jeff Staple for this fresh & insightful interview. Peace & power to all.

Memorable quotes by FUTURA.
"I really need to separate myself from myself, because i can't absorb myself into the identity of this character i've created."
"It's only one aspect of who i am as a person"
"if i wasn't that guy i'd still be doing something really interesting".

1-2-1 w/jeffstaple feat. Futura from jeffstaple on Vimeo.

This Thing Of Ours.

This Saturday May 8th will mark the 2 year anniversary for our party "THE GO OFF". this will be the last one in NYC. Our Elite Camp line up UNKLE CHIP & SICKROC will be there along with special guest DJ CRAZY LEGS of the legendary ROCK STEADY CREW rockin the best in Classic Hip Hop, Funk & Soul. it's been a long journey with nothing but great memories. we're gonna be taking the party on the road to different countries & different cities thoughout the U.S, our first stop will be London on August 13th. stay tuned in, you never know when we might come thru your city & do what we do best, make you GO OFF!!
We now take you on a stroll thru memory lane with pics from past GO OFF's. ENJOY!!!

A Day At The Derby.

Last week i received the great news that my Brother Willie Martinez will be riding in the 136th running of the Kentucky Derby so immediately i booked my ticket to go to Louisville, Kentucky to go & support him. My older brother Willie or as the call him in the racing industry "Chilly Willy" has been riding for 20 years now & is one of the top jockeys in the nation. This Derby is the 5th in his career aboard the horse "Noble's Promise". Willie rode an incredible race, he took off the gate perfectly & rode the horse patiently. throughout the race Willie maintained within the leading horses, when the pack came around the last turn Willie took the lead in front of the 20 horse field, Down the last stretch Noble gave it all he had but this time around he came a little short coming in 5th place. That is still a great place to come in a race with 20 of the best horses from the U.S & around the world. We are proud of you Willie, Keep on rising to the top!!.
Willie had no idea i was coming out to Louisville, i surprised him at the race track on Derby Day.

Hanging out with Bob Costas in between his interviews. really chill guy.
With my Sister Jackie, my niece Carolina & Willie before the race.

A moment for a prayer.
The crowd as usual was massive.

The 20 horse field as they took off the gate.
Willie & Noble's Promise on the last stretch.
For your viewing pleasure.