Finding Ones True Self In This Dance.

So a fellow Bboy "Chaz" reached out to me & a few other peeps on a Bboy discussion board & asked some questions regarding the state of the scene now including the everlasting biting issue, copy cats, originality, being way too simple as a cop out to saying its foundation, & finding ones true self. i responded to him with a few words. the conversation can actually go forever & i have a lot more to add than these few paragraphs below. these are just a few points, using myself , my approach & experience as a source. feel free to add, ask any questions, debate, positive, negative, it's all good & welcomed. pz..

"Originality- Youtube/video watching - Biting"

Aight here it goes. part of being introduced to this dance is by seeing someone or a crew that you admire wether in person or by youtube/dvd videos, that normally follows by you trying to emulate them since they are your main source of inspiration & information. through that process most peeps also find out who the pioneers were, maybe a brief history of the dance & culture. by then they usually learn what biting is & very few actually snap from the carbon copy virus & develop their own approach, not really their own style, bcuz pretty much everythings already been done. so the best we can do is to have an approach that is specific to each one of us. the goal is that if you can only see the silhouette of a Bboy/Bgirl you can still tell who the Bboy/Bgirl is not by physical appearance but by they way they manifest through their movement. simple things like their hands when they top rock. the dimensions they extend their body to. the way their footwork can go from small & compound to broad & explosive, incorporating power moves & text in your rounds, all inclusive not separate, that way is not monotonous & predictable. instead aggressive yet smooth. flowing like water which can take any form. those are some of the few things that separate the unique from the obsolete. not the one move or non executed blow ups. its the subtle things, the details, the character that is developed throughout that process. thats what becomes original & new.

"Finding Ones True Self"

That's very tricky because with finding that unique approach there are several options that can be used separately or together. usually a Bboy/Bgirl will come up with a nickname i.e "Teknyc", thats the persona that i take when i hear the music that motivates me to move the way i do, the character that reacts to the music & vibe in the cypha. they say with time comes experience, so in my case with time i've been able to use everything in my life to motivate me apart from the music. all energies, positive & negative. i can use that to tell a story when i dance. after all music & dance is a form of communication. so i use them both to tell my story based on how i feel at that moment but all through that persona "Teknyc" which it is still me, because it is an extention of who i am since this is my passion, the best thing that has happened to me was when i dedicated myself to this dance. it changed my life forever. i know who i am, why i do it & i can tell my testimony verbally or physically. thats the difference between me & most of them. thats what Bboys/Bgirls need to learn & strive for so that they can elevate themselves & be able to stand out in an ocean of dancers who all mimic one another or usually all borrow from the same source without ever becoming the source themselves. so in the journey to finding ones true self sometimes you have to become someone else or adapt a persona in order to deconstruct the mind set that has already been established. i hope this isnt too off the wall for you. this convo is actually alot longer than these few paragraphs above, i hope that these few words do help in your project & help others understand this dance form a little more & the infinite ways & possibilities that exist.

Lyricist Lounge Haiti Benefit Concert.

My boy Mazzi "S.O.U.L Purpose" invited me to rock the stage with him at the Lyricist lounge benefit concert for Haiti. All the performances that night were incredible. The energy in the room was beautiful. I feel honored to have been a part of it.
Remeber it's not too late to still make your contribution to help our Brothers & Sisters in Haiti.
You can text the word "YELE " to 501501, the donation will be $5.00. You can also Text the word "Haiti" to 90999, it'll donate $10.00 to the Red Cross.

You can't spell NEW YORK without EWOK.

A few days ago i went to my fellow crew mate & Graff mentor EWOKONE 5MH Studio to see what he's been up to, check some of his new work, get some pointers on painting canvases, etc. what i encounter was the work of a true master. EWOK is definitely one the hardest working artists outhere. With major canvas works, Massive murals running all over, Surf boards, Toys, Music skins, books & everything in between, there's very few outhere who can match his work ethic which combined with his skills is a recipe for absolute success. make sure you check in to his bolg from time to time to see what this ace is up to, you never know you might just get inspired..

Helping Haiti.

As most of ya may know on January 12 in Haiti a 7.0 earthquake struck the small caribbean country killing citizens upward of 100,000 & still counting. we can all do our part to help our brothers & sisters in Haiti by texting "YELE to 501501" the donation will be $5.00. you can also Text the word "Haiti" to 90999, it'll donate $10.00 to the Red Cross. the charges will post on your phone bill.
also The state department has a hotline # for anyone seeking info on family members in Haiti. 888 407 4747.
visit for more info.
let's all do our part to help out.
peace & blessings to all..

R.I.P Teddy Pendergrass. Thank you for your music!!

Another one of our greats has passed away at the age of 59. Teddy we thank you for all the great everlasting music you have blessed us with. you will forever be with us. Rest In Power..


Mighty4TV: Party Rockin w/ Paulskeee NYC to SFC..

The Homie Paulskee came thru "THE GO OFF" last May for our 1 year anniversary. then he takes us out to San Francisco illest get down party "FLAVA OF THE MONTH". ENJOY!!

A Day In My Life!!

For a while now i've been meaning to do a diary of a day of travel in my life since i practically travel every week to do my steady gig on Carnival ships "Going on 6 years now". i just recently saw my Cuzin Skeme Richards blog on his recent trip to Vegas & figured i needed to do one also, tomorrow's not promised & i've been putting this off long enough. so here it goes. there isn't a way to make this quick, so sit back, relax & enjoy the ride!!

I usually wake up around 3:45am. i call up the same car service "Travel Car Service" to pick me up at 4:15am. it's only a 20 minute drive to the Airport from my crib. Once i get there the wait isn't long. I have elite status with American Airlines so it does help speed up the check in process & this morning im fortunate enough to be bumped up to 1st class "happens pretty often actually". It pays to fly, that's fo sho!!. Today i'm headed to Freeport, Bahamas with a layover in Miami.

Todays in flight breakfast is a nice omelette with biscuit & mixed fruit. For in flight entertainment i brought my own. the latest episode of "True Blood", this show is off the hook!!!.

It's a short flight from Miami to Freeport, about 30 minutes only.

In Freeport the customs process is quick, i been flying here for a long time week in & week out so i'm a familiar face with the custom officers. I then hop on a taxi to head over the port to catch up with the ship, Carnivals "Sensation".

once on board i have to check in with the Administrators office on board, surrender my passport, get reimbursed for taxi & food expenses, pick up my cabin key & off to my cabins to take a well needed nap before our shows tonight at 8:45 & 10:30. this week i'm rockin the stage with Bboy Omar "Jive Turkeys/MZK".