Miami Wednesdays.

While in transit to Belize i had a overnight in Miami so the homie Zao picked me up at the airport & we headed straight to the beach to meet up with the rest of the peeps Full Deck, Bgirl Lady One & Sabrina. The day was perfect, the water was warm the vibe was chill, just what you expect when you come to Miami.

Afterwards since the day was still young i figured i go check out my boy JUNK-FDC for some ink dedicated to my crew SKILLMETHODZ. 2010 marks the 15th year since it was established in Tampa,FL. seemed like the proper time to get the ink. Till the next one, Zoooooooooommmmm....

Tuesdays At The Office..

Just a Tuesday at the office "Nassau" With the co-workers. Like i said, "The Ultimate Adventures Of A True Bboy". See ya on the next one. Zooooooommmm!!!!!


So after we rocked the TUFF CITY train a few weeks back EWOK came up with the idea of doing a Money train, We wanted to rock it first since no one had done it yet. What the final product turned out to be is one for the books.. ENJOY!!!. LOL..




Sup peoples! Just want to announce that my brother Moshe "Skill Methodz" has finally launched his site & blog for his clothing line OKUSA. Make sure ya visit the Blog for the latest items & blog posts. Moshe got some really cool items coming up. Check in from time to time to peep the latest & definitely support this young entrepreneur.
Power & Respect To All..