Classic joint of the day. Ides Of March - "Vehicle". ENJOY!!

The 1st time i heard this track was at a Hip Hop elements jam in Miami FL. in a battle me & Flipz won vs Rudy Goblin & Lego "Flipside Kings" back in like 99/2000. I beleive it was DJ Seamstar rockin that night. dope track, i dont know why other Dj's dont rock this joint at jams. Enjoy!!

THE GO OFF - NOV. 14th.

We just had THE GO OFF at our new home "OXYGEN BAR" on November 14th & as usual all our close peeps came thru in full effect. DJ'S Skeme Richards, Unkle Chip & Special Guest DJ Eclipse rocked the house in true GO OFF format, CLASSIC!!. See ya at the next one on December 12th.. PZ..


While on my trip to L.A i linked up with my fellow IBM crew members TEAL & REK2 to rock a spot. with my hectic schedule that day having to drop off my brother & niece at the airport & the crazy L.A traffic by the time we made it to the wall it was pretty late, we figured we'd rock as long as we could that day & night then come back next early mornig & finish what we couldn't get done. next day when we showed up the wall had been completely buffed by the city. The buff paint was still fresh on the wall. i can laugh about it now, but trust me we were pissed to say the least. but we do realize it's part of the game. life goes on!!. we'll get em' on the next one. stay tuned...


I went to L.A a few weeks ago to go support my brother Willie Martinez who was riding the horse "Noble's Promise" in the 2009 Breeders cup race at the Santa Anita race track in L.A. I flew in the same day of the race & made it to the race track just 5 minutes before the race. it was intense to say the least. very proud of my Brother Willie.

Share Joy Wherever You Can!!

This is a trailer for a documentary on "THE ROC KIDZ" Bboy crew. they travelled to 20 cities in 20 days in a van to street perform "Hitting". This is a brief look at how powerful what we do is. something as simple as bringing a smile to someone can change a persons life. inspire at least one person, because one person makes a difference. much respect to THE ROC KIDZ!!

Some clips for the homie Bradley!.

Sup bradley here's a few clips of me i've put together including the trailer for my upcoming solo DVD "REVELATIONS'. Hope you like them..pz.

Custom Canvases "Chavie & Kevin".

So my homies from the cast on one of the ships i perform at comissioned me to do some custom canvases for them. Here are some progress shots up to the final product. Stay tuned, more canvas work to come!! pz..


Tic & Tac "Nephews of the 70's Gangster Nicky Barnes, played by Cuba Gooding Jr in American Gangster" are in my opinion 2 of the best street performers in the entire world. Their ability to combine comedy & Breakin in their show is flawless. with countless amounts of improv jokes during the show completely makes it a different experience every time. You trully never know what you're in for when you get to watch these stars perform. I'm extremely honored to have learned from them & be a part of the world famous "Tic & Tac All Stars". They definitely helped me develop my skills on the mic & helped me sharpen my stage presence. Street perfroming is an art of it's own with an absolute science behind it's methods. Always honor & respect those who paved the way for you to be able to do what you do, It's part of your testimony. Pz..


These are 2 separate trailers for ABSTRAK'S solo DVD "ABSTUMENTAL" one featuring ABSTRAK the other featuring the entire SKILLMETHODZ. DVD is available for purcase now at &, Support the real!!. pz..

Classic joint of the day. James Brown - Blind Man Can See It.

R.I.P James Brown. The 1st BBOY. Thank you for the music & the inspiration. Gone but never forgotten.

Classic joint of the day. Rick James - "Ghetto Life". ENJOY!!

R.I.P Rick James. Thank you for the music you blessed us with.

SALTEN- My altered ego. LOL.

Check out my altered ego Salten "Frying Pan". A mix of the voice from a old bum from my hood in Puerto Rico & some sort of Mexican wrestler hat made of a all foam cap,hahahaha, ENJOY!!.


On my way back from Bulgaria i had a layover in Paris. i decided to change my ticket & kick it in Paris for a few days. While there i linked up with my homie Nasty Yass. also got to kick it with the Mac crew at their studio with Kongo, Rest & Lazoo. Coincidentally Legendary Graff writer SONIC-BAD INC. was also in Paris where he was having a gallery show. got to kick it with him for a lil bit, really cool cat with the illest old school stories that make you wanna hear to more & more. just a really dope time for an unplanned trip in Paris. Till the next one, pz!!!

JAM ON IT 2009-Bulgaria.

I was blessed with the opportunity to be a part of the JAM ON IT event in Bulgaria last weekend. They brought me out to judge, teach & paint at their event. This jam is by far the best event i've been to in a long time. JAM ON IT hosts a weekend full of music,dance & visual arts in the town of Smolyan. it's a beautiful town atop a mountain 4 hours away from the capital of Sofia. the air is fresh, the views are incredible & at night they JAM ON IT for real!!! the battles get done super fast, then we go straight into party mode. Dj's Vladee, Skills & even Mauricio "The Next One" keep the crowd hype all night blessing the spot with all types of feel good music. Most incredibly for me was the fact that JAM ON IT doesn't separate Hip Hop culture from their own native culture, something i'm an advocate of. i beleive it's all inclusive & relative. they definitly prove that to be true. with performances by local artists performing Hip Hop, Traditional music & dance as well as a performance by Urban Artistry, a Hip Hop dance crew based out of DC who can do ALL styles of Hip Hop dance. Also Bubble zoo & Sandeep with a funky locking performance. they all killed it!!. it was just a dope event all around. something that heads should look into checking out if they get the chance. I look forward to being there again in the very near future, till then much blessings & always much love..pz..