JAM ON IT 2009-Bulgaria.

I was blessed with the opportunity to be a part of the JAM ON IT event in Bulgaria last weekend. They brought me out to judge, teach & paint at their event. This jam is by far the best event i've been to in a long time. JAM ON IT hosts a weekend full of music,dance & visual arts in the town of Smolyan. it's a beautiful town atop a mountain 4 hours away from the capital of Sofia. the air is fresh, the views are incredible & at night they JAM ON IT for real!!! the battles get done super fast, then we go straight into party mode. Dj's Vladee, Skills & even Mauricio "The Next One" keep the crowd hype all night blessing the spot with all types of feel good music. Most incredibly for me was the fact that JAM ON IT doesn't separate Hip Hop culture from their own native culture, something i'm an advocate of. i beleive it's all inclusive & relative. they definitly prove that to be true. with performances by local artists performing Hip Hop, Traditional music & dance as well as a performance by Urban Artistry, a Hip Hop dance crew based out of DC who can do ALL styles of Hip Hop dance. Also Bubble zoo & Sandeep with a funky locking performance. they all killed it!!. it was just a dope event all around. something that heads should look into checking out if they get the chance. I look forward to being there again in the very near future, till then much blessings & always much love..pz..