A Day In My Life!!

For a while now i've been meaning to do a diary of a day of travel in my life since i practically travel every week to do my steady gig on Carnival ships "Going on 6 years now". i just recently saw my Cuzin Skeme Richards blog on his recent trip to Vegas & figured i needed to do one also, tomorrow's not promised & i've been putting this off long enough. so here it goes. there isn't a way to make this quick, so sit back, relax & enjoy the ride!!

I usually wake up around 3:45am. i call up the same car service "Travel Car Service" to pick me up at 4:15am. it's only a 20 minute drive to the Airport from my crib. Once i get there the wait isn't long. I have elite status with American Airlines so it does help speed up the check in process & this morning im fortunate enough to be bumped up to 1st class "happens pretty often actually". It pays to fly, that's fo sho!!. Today i'm headed to Freeport, Bahamas with a layover in Miami.

Todays in flight breakfast is a nice omelette with biscuit & mixed fruit. For in flight entertainment i brought my own. the latest episode of "True Blood", this show is off the hook!!!.

It's a short flight from Miami to Freeport, about 30 minutes only.

In Freeport the customs process is quick, i been flying here for a long time week in & week out so i'm a familiar face with the custom officers. I then hop on a taxi to head over the port to catch up with the ship, Carnivals "Sensation".

once on board i have to check in with the Administrators office on board, surrender my passport, get reimbursed for taxi & food expenses, pick up my cabin key & off to my cabins to take a well needed nap before our shows tonight at 8:45 & 10:30. this week i'm rockin the stage with Bboy Omar "Jive Turkeys/MZK".