Here's another ultimate adventure from yours trully. 3 countries, 4 cities, 4 shows, 24 hours. ENJOY!!!

As usual i fly out to Miami then from there i go to Belize where i board carnival's ship "The Valor".

Once we make it to the port we have to take one these tender boats & drive out to sea to get on board.

Backstage with the rest of the cast from the show.

After the stage show we get to do our own show. street hitting style, we get the crowd involved. We mix comedy improv & of course we get to get loose & get the crowd hype.

Once we're done we get ready & head to the club on board & kick it with the cast & guests & wild out, no sleep for us, we have to be off the ship in the morning when we arrive in Cozumel Mexico so we can go home.

We always get lunch at this spot in Cozumel "La Choza". The staff there already knows us, really cool peeps, the food is off the hook!!!, always a must when we're in Cozumel, aside from the traditional plates, the Ceviche is got to be one of the best i've had in my entire life, word up.

This week my flights out of Cancun. i have to get on one of these Ferrys & cross over on a 45 minute ride to the other side where i still have to take another shuttle bus to the airport, that's another hour & 30 minute journey.

Finally get on board & take to the friendly skies on my way back home.

Tonight's my boy Mau's Birthday, The Trew Brew Krew is gonna celebrate his at Santo's with Dj Just Blaze rockin the house. no better way to end this ultimate adventure.. till the next one. Peace & Power to all..