"I really need to separate myself from myself"

Check out this interview Jeff Staple did with the living legend FUTURA. There's a lot of words being said by FUTURA that transcend artistic genres & the feeling artists feel as they grow in their immediate craft & how they grow into other things that also express the message they were always trying to convey in that 1st craft they initially excelled at. when i watched this clip i immediately felt connected to what FUTURA is saying because of the transition i've made between Breakin to Graff & Club promotions. the theme of the parties i throw, how i've grown as a writer thus far & how i still express my point of view on Hip Hop culture & art as a whole thru these silent art forms that can sometimes yell out more than a crowd of protestors with bullhorns in front of the state capitol. ultimately we should never cease to be who we truly are or loose ourselves in these altered egos or personas we take on. those characters are an enhanced version of who we are, not a separate entity. Thnx to FUTURA & Jeff Staple for this fresh & insightful interview. Peace & power to all.

Memorable quotes by FUTURA.
"I really need to separate myself from myself, because i can't absorb myself into the identity of this character i've created."
"It's only one aspect of who i am as a person"
"if i wasn't that guy i'd still be doing something really interesting".

1-2-1 w/jeffstaple feat. Futura from jeffstaple on Vimeo.