Sup Family. as some of ya may already know, Crazy Legs has a online Radio show "LUNCH BREAKS" from monday thru Friday 1:45PM Till 4PM "Bronx Time". along with his host DSTROY of the ARSONISTS Crew. Legs spins all the illest joints in the show, it's a live USTREAM show you can watch & join in on the chat room & kick it with other heads in the chat. Legs invited us over as his special guests yesterday. in the past other guests include Afrikaa Bambaataa, Grand Wizzard Theodore, Grand Master Caz, Big Daddy Kane & many more. all special guests usually come thru & cook lunch during the show & just kick it with legs & Dstroy, we came thru & baked our own cake in celebartion of our 15th anniversary. all the shows are archived so ya can watch them at any time. check ouy our episode "Baking & Breaking". hahahhaha, Enjoy!!