Flipz upgrades my iFlip camera.

A few months back some of the Methodz men came to NYC from L.A to perfrom with the Groovaloos, when i got to the theatre i saw that Flipz had a wide lens on his iFlip video camera "iFlip cameras don't have lens adapters", i own one so ofcourse i wanted a wide lens on mines too. he told me he went & bought metal bond & glued the lens on to the iFlip. he's actually accidentally dropped it a few times & the lens still attached, that metal bond is no joke! soon as i got to L.A a few days ago i had to get him to upgrade mines. heres some pics of the step by step process in case any of you outhere own one & want to upgrade. "Skeme, i know you got 2 of them, you should definitely upgrade yours!".

These are the items needed. "Total cost is about $50.00. lens & metal bond"

i own the Mino model. "720p, 8gig" so the lens adapter i had to use was the 25-37mm.

you dont need a lot of the metal bond, but make sure you mix the 2 contents together well

apply evenly on the lens ring, clean up any over flowing bond on the inside of the ring with the Qtip so it doesn't get on the lens when you attach it.

make sure its glued to the metal ring on the lens & not the body of the camera, they're 2 different types of metals. by having the lens on the ring already it becomes a weight on the bond, just let it sit for a few hours, keep it on a flat surface so the bond dries evenly & you're good to go, Walla!!!!

now you can also buy a fish eye lens since you can unscrew this lens & use other ones from the same brand "Platinum plus by Sunpak". Enjoy!!!, Zooooooooooommmmmmm....