I've been out in Europe now for 2 weeks, since i got here i've been in Holland "Rotterdam & Andoven", Italy "Pesaro,Rome,CaselFranco & Venice". i'll be in Europe until early September judging a few Bboy jams, teaching Bboy workshops & hosting my party "THE GO OFF" in London & Helsinki. i don't have a lot of time in between gigs to write a propper review on the jams, i'll def do so when i do get more time if not when i finally get home. in the meantime here are some pics from Holland & Italy. Stay tuned, more to come soon. Enjoy!!!!
The Coloseum. Rome, Italy
Photoshoot in Rotterdam during "Street Science" Pic by Maurice Vdmeijs
Quick piece in Andoven, Holland.
Rotterdam, Holland.
Night out in Rotterdam.
Photoshoot in Pesaro,Italy. pic by Kuriouz-Mind 180.
Bboy Workshop in Ravenna, Italy.
Sunrise in Pesaro, Italy.
Venice, Italy
St Mark Square. Venice, Italy.