This past Saturday & Sunday in Boston the Legendary Floor Lords crew held their 6th anual jam "UNITED STYLES" Jam, a 5 on 5 crew battle for a grand prize of 50,000 Thousand koala$. My crew SKILLMETHODZ entered the jam with only 4 members "Abstrak, Venum, Cloud & Luigi". after making it though the 1st the day on the preliminary round they then went on to the finals on sunday in a 3 way face off vs 2 crews "THE SQUADRON' & "WAR MACHINE", which are both made up of members from various crews who are really close to one another & come together as a super team in certain competitions, this being one of them. SKILLMETHODZ won the whole event with 1 man down & was the only actual real crew in the finals. Congrats to my brothers on this epic achievement, one that will not be forgotten for a long time. ENJOY!!!
This same scenario was also achived by SKILLMETHODZ last year in Taiwan when Flea Rock & Luigi entered a 3 on 3 battle & won the whole event. i think it's time to put things in perspective. Zoooooooooommmmm.....

united styles 6 final skmz vs squadron vs War Machine from Gabriel bryant on Vimeo.

FLEA ROCK & LUIGI in Taiwan.