When i 1st moved to NYC from Tampa,FL in 1999 in pursue of knowledge & the dream of working as a dancer i sometimes had to dance in the street to make ends meet with some of the local street hitting crews such as United Street Artists "USA", The breeze Team, The Transformers with Zone TDK, Tic & Tac All Stars in Washington Square Park & also with Wayne Blizz "The Executioners/NYC Float Committee", an original Bboy from the 70's. while i performed with Wayne i had the blessing to learn some of these original 70's style shuffles. no 6 step, 5 step, 4 step, etc. these are straight up shuffles, the original format!. last year Pop Master Fabel "RSC/ZULU KINGZ" caught up with Wayne & his old nemesis from back in the days, legendary Bboy Zip to have them share their view & let the world know whats really real about this Rock dance of ours. watch carefully, take notes & by all means learn as much as you can from these warriors, this is the original format. much love, power & blessings to all the OG's for their contribution, Thank you all. ENJOY!!!..