Last weekend in Helsinki at the UK CHAMPS Finland qualifiers i had a dope exchange with Bboy Lamine from France. the back & forth session was at the end of the jam when Flo Mo & Ghost Crew were having their cypha battle. myself & Lamine kept to ourselves & said no words to each other, we were just simply exchanging rounds, after a short while a young Bboy came into our session & started to go full out competition style in his solos. Lamine & myself were just flowing through movements, different angles & dimensions not really going all out, we were both having the same conversation. after we left the event i told Lamine "That kid just jumped into our conversation wothout knowing what the topic was about" i was reffering to our back & forth session, Lamine said to me that was a great way of looking at it, i further explained to him that what we do is another form of communication, Music & Dance that is. the next day Lamine told me i had inspired him with what i said to him & it inspired him to make a short film tittled "CONVERSATION" based on the discussion we had the day before. here's the short film Lamine filmed & produced. Enjoy!!!!

Conversation from Lamine on Vimeo.